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Mexico City Subway Becomes the Most Expensive in the World

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Mancera surprised residents of this megalopolis when he announced recently that metro ticket prices would be hiked from 3 to 5 pesos.

But even more surprising is that the Mexico City Metro, which is one of the busiest in the world with an annual ridership 1.6 billion (2012), will now become the most expensive amongst OCDE nations, reports Inteligencia Pública.

When adjusted for minimum wage, Mexico City’s new 5 peso (about .40 US cents) subway ticket do, indeed, become the world’s most expensive.

Minimum wage workers have to work 1.38 hours to earn the 10 pesos for 2 metro tickets. In the United States, based on the national minimum wage of $7.25, 2 tickets paid with money earned working the same amount of time would come out to $10.00.

On top of this incredibly high price, under Mayor Mancera’s plan, it becomes difficult to qualify for a discount. Only single mothers, the unemployed, high school students and on-duty police officers who can prove DF residency will be eligible for a reduced fare.

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